“First of all, you’re my EYE CANDY. How you doin’? So, I love your dress. The chain inspired me to pick you.” Wendy Williams (The Wendy Williams Show, Season 10 final show, 2019)

If you ever doubted the law of attraction, then the story of my CANDY dress will change your mind.

In 2019 I decided to get tickets to the Wendy Williams show. I said to myself “I will attend and get picked as EYE CANDY.” After much thought about what to wear, I decided to make a dress that stood out in the crowd and that highlighted my Panamanian heritage. I made a 3-tier halter dress with lace trimmings out of Talco printed fabric from Panamá and embellished it with silver chains as straps.

The day of the show, I focused my energy and thoughts on making eye contact with the person that will undoubtedly choose me as EYE CANDY. I didn’t know who he/she would be but I was looking and I knew that person would find me.

As imagined and expected I was chosen as EYE CANDY for the closing episode of Season 10. The moment was exciting and encouraging. That’s why this talco dress is called CANDY, for it was a sweet, enjoyable experience that I will treasure forever. Thank you, Wendy Williams Show!

Wear the CANDY talco three tier halter dress and watch how doors will open for you.

Note: Minor style, size, and color customization available upon request.

Talco print fabric
3-tier dress with lace trimmings
Back invisible zipper closure
Low cut triangle bra-like front neckline
Dry clean to preserve color of print

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